Scottish Games Studio Raises Six-Figure Investment

Scottish Games Studio Raises Six-Figure Investment

Dundee’s Astrodreamer will use the funding to complete their initial title and increase headcount

Dundee-based indie game studio, Astrodreamer has secured a six-figure investment which the founder says: “will change the future of the company”.

This investment represents a major step forward for the studio, which told the Scottish Games Network the deal: “will be felt in the wider games development community”.

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Astrodreamer plans to use the funding to complete its first title A Bonnie Odyssey and create more jobs. “When we founded the studio, the aim was always to provide sustainable creative careers where people can feel fulfilled making fun games. said Jordan Hastings the studio director. “We are lucky to be in a position where we can stick to that vision.”

The studio has always been keen to do things differently, putting the focus on being a people-first company and driving new models of work, which they cannow implement thanks to securing funding. As Astrodreamer launches into full production of A Bonnie Odyssey, the studio is confident that this debut title will put them firmly on the map.

Astrodreamer team in the studio

The Scottish Games Network spoke to studio co-founder and director Jordan Hastings to find out more about the studio

SGN: Tell us more about Astrodreamer

Jordan Hastings: Astrodreamer Studio was established in 2021, during the UK lockdowns. We were a small team of accomplished freelancers who came together to build our little company. We are now a much larger team with a substantial pool of creative talent to tackle projects.  Our goals are to create sustainable jobs, we want to continue to expand our work with other studios, and ensure the creative freedom to work on many of our own titles a year.

SGN: Is the studio looking for work-for-hire projects, or are you now focused on creating your own intellectual property (IP)?

Jordan: Our studio is part original IP and part co-dev. We are a creative bunch so we split our focus between making our own worlds and helping other companies see their worlds develop.

SGN: Is there anyone out there you’d like to hear from?

We are interested in talking with publishers and large game studios. We want to develop relationships for enhancing our pipeline to market whether it’s for our clients or for our publishers.  We have a treasure trove of creative game design documents that we would love to see come to life. 

SGN: What can you tell us about A Bonnie Odyssey?

A Bonnie Odyssey is the first major title Astrodreamer developed. When we first came together it was with the vision for this quirky scottish-inspired puzzle game and we’ve been working on it ever since. It’s a retro sci-fi mystery with colourful environments and fun characters to connect with.

If you’re interested in what we do or want to get in contact please jump on our website for more information about our games. Co-development and careers are all there.

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