Dive In Jobs Set To Make A Splash As A Games Recruitment Agency For Scotland

Dive In Jobs Set To Make A Splash As A Games Recruitment Agency For Scotland

Dive In Jobs, one of the first dedicated games recruitment agencies in Scotland, is now operational, having just launched its website last Friday.

Helmed by industry veteran Gavin Divers, the company aims to connect Scottish games professionals with the right jobs for them, helping them to navigate the ever-choppy seas of the world’s biggest entertainment industry.

Deep Dive

The Dive In Jobs site serves as a handy hub for industry professionals, letting them set up a profile and receive alerts about suitable roles on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. As things develop, a range of exciting roles will become available through the site, making it a must-visit for Scottish developers at any stage of their career.

Matching developers up with their ideal jobs is of prime importance for company founder Gavin Divers. Having run Scottish Xbox game community Xbox Live Gamerhub (Now Gamerhub.co.uk) for 13 years, he understands the importance of a people-first approach, and seeks to apply this to Dive In Jobs as well, as his company statement reflects:

“Recruitment is more than just a job to me, it’s a passion. The opportunity to connect talented individuals with their dream job, and help companies build their ideal team, is truly exhilarating. The feeling of matching the right person with the right position and seeing the positive impact it has on both their career and the company’s success is incredibly rewarding.

“I love the challenge of finding the perfect fit, the satisfaction of closing a successful placement, and the excitement of building relationships with candidates and clients. I thrive on the fast-paced and constantly changing nature of the industry, and the opportunity to continuously learn and grow as a professional.

“I believe in providing a high-quality service and developing long-term partnerships with my clients and candidates, always striving to exceed their expectations. I am dedicated to creating a positive, inclusive, and supportive working environment, and I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve the recruitment process.

“Recruitment is not just a job to me, it’s a calling, and I am excited to continue to make a positive impact in the industry and the lives of those I work with.”

Dive In Jobs is live now, and you can check out the site and set up your account here.

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