Temple of Snek Slithers Out Of Early Access On February 15th

Temple of Snek Slithers Out Of Early Access On February 15th

Aetheric Games’ Temple of Snek, a runner-up in the Creativity category at last year’s Scottish Games Awards, will be receiving a full release on February 15th.

This follows a year and a half spent in Early Access on Steam, where the game underwent major changes in terms of puzzle design and features.

Freed From Constrictions

Temple of Snek is a rhythm-based puzzle game, following the titular Snek as he explores an interconnected world full of puzzles to solve. The game’s core mechanic involves growing and shrinking in terms of size in order to pass particular obstacles, in a neat callback to the original mobile sensation Snake.

Choosing to release the game through Early Access has been a rewarding experience for the game’s creator, Aetheric Games’ Nick Bell: “It’s been in early access for about a year and a half, and in that time it’s gained custom Snek-skins and a level editor. The puzzle aspect has evolved into more of a cerebral puzzle game than I originally thought it would be. Approaching the end of any game project is a weird feeling but showing off all the inevitable jank in early access was a whole new experience.”

“The community is small but supportive though and, fingers crossed, the jank is mostly gone now. I’ve loved the experience, and I’m glad to see the cutest giant man-eating snake go off into the world, but maybe I’ll bite off something smaller next time.”

Temple of Snek will be fully released via the Quetzalcoatl update on February 15th. Stay tuned to SGN for a full review when the time comes!

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