Silent Hill Slithers onto Scottish Shores via NoCode

Silent Hill Slithers onto Scottish Shores via NoCode

NoCode, the Glasgow-based developer of hit horror titles Stories Untold and Observation, has announced that they’re working on Silent Hill: Townfall, a new entry in the legendary horror series.

In the manner of buses, after dead silence since the release of Downpour and Book of Memories in 2012, five new Silent Hill projects have been announced at once during Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission livestream event. Among these are a remake of Silent Hill 2, a new entry in the Silent Hill film series, and a set of 3 new Silent Hill spin-off titles, of which Townfall is part.

Whispers in the Fog

The (not Playable) teaser for the game doesn’t give much away, showing a flickering walkie talkie on a desk that brings to mind the striking fixed-screen setups of Stories Untold, interspersed with waves crashing on a beach and some chilling narration from a mysterious voice. It’s vague, but does a stellar job capturing the air of mystery and psychological horror that both Silent Hill and NoCode are known for.

The game is set to be published by Annapurna Interactive, best known for narrative-driven titles like What Remains of Edith Finch, Stray and Outer Wilds. This, alongside NoCode’s proclivity for strong, engaging narratives, implies a story focus in Townfall, which should be a treat for fans of Silent Hill’s deep, enigmatic lore.

Talking about the new project, NoCode’s Creative Director, Jon McKellan, said Townfall “respects the source material, but also does something a little bit different with it”. An appropriately vague comment for a release in such a foggy series, and one that will leave fans guessing until more information is revealed in 2023.

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