AdInMo to Bring Real Ads to the Virtual Tracks of Wolves Interactive

AdInMo to Bring Real Ads to the Virtual Tracks of Wolves Interactive

Edinburgh-based in-game advertising company AdInMo have just announced a significant new partnership with Turkish developer Wolves Interactive. 

The deal will see AdInMo’s InGamePlay ads, real brand ads which are programmatically delivered onto existing objects within games, introduced into Wolves Interactive’s sizable portfolio of popular racing titles. 

Road to Riches

These titles will include Racing Go, as well as all of the entries in the popular Traffic Tour and Motor Tour series’. Together, these games represent around 130M player downloads, which is a lot of eyeballs on the brand ads AdInMo will be delivering.

These ads are both static images and video, shown to players in the game in naturalistic locations, such as on billboards or digital screens. The idea is to show ads in places where players expect to see them, thereby avoiding the immersion-breaking effects that some traditional mobile ads can have. 
Racing games are a natural fit for this style of advertising. As Lewis Horgan, AdInMo’s Head of Supply, put it: “InGamePlay brand advertising helps developers of all genres earn incremental revenue and supports player retention because the ads don’t force players to leave the game. Racing titles are some of the most popular titles in our inventory for brand advertisers trialing new ad formats as it’s akin to product placement or sponsorship trackside.”

Partners in Crime

This new deal is set to be a productive one for all involved. Khaled Almoukhtar, CTO at Wolves Interactive, noted: “We’re really excited to be working with the team at AdInMo. Our passion is to architect the best racing game experiences. Immersive ad formats enable us to drive incremental revenue and deliver an authenticity that adds value to our community’s playing experience.”
You can learn more about AdInMo on their website here.

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