Cerebral Palsy Scotland Partners with World Gaming Day

Cerebral Palsy Scotland Partners with World Gaming Day

Cerebral Palsy Scotland have partnered with World Gaming Day this October, to raise funds while having fun!

Cerebral Palsy Scotland is the only charity in Scotland that deals with the condition. Founded in 1995 by a group of parents whose children were unable to get the specialist support they needed, they’ve been working alongside people with cerebral palsy for over 25 years, helping them develop practical skills to improve their lives. You can get an idea of the kind of support they provide in the video below.

Play and games are essential parts of the therapy that Cerebral Palsy Scotland offers for those affected by the condition, and the charity wants to celebrate their love of games by taking part in World Gaming Day, a major fundraising event for UK charities. Hester Lee, a Fundraiser for Cerebral Palsy Scotland, had this to say about the event:

“Here at Cerebral Palsy Scotland we always look for the joy in a situation. Our therapy is centred around play, whatever your age. Playing skittles will help you practice certain movements to strengthen your muscles. Playing electronic games will help you learn to use your communication device and Eye Gaze technology. We are excited to take part in World Gaming Day because in essence, we play games every day to help people with cerebral palsy reach their full potential. That’s why we’re asking anyone who shares our love of games to join us for World Gaming Day. Pick your favourite game, invite your friends to join, and spread a bit of joy in this hard time we’re in.”

Be Your Own Kind of Hero

Cerebral Palsy Scotland is encouraging people to set up gaming streams or in-person events, and link these to the GivePenny donations page for World Gaming Day. They will provide hosts with resources such as bunting and cake flags, so they can put on the best event possible.

Enjoying game therapy at Cerebral Palsy Scotland.

Flexibility is the name of the game here; the official event date is the 22nd of October, but hosts can run their event any time during October that suits them. In addition, what World Gaming Day is, is really up to each individual event host. Do you want to host a competitive shooter tournament? A casual in-person board game night? A Jackbox stream with audience interaction? All of these are valid, letting you put on the event you want, and support a great cause while you’re doing it.

You can get more information on World Gaming Day here, and more information on Cerebral Palsy Scotland on their website.

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