More Than Half Of All Games Revenue In 2022 Will Come From Mobile

More Than Half Of All Games Revenue In 2022 Will Come From Mobile

In 2022 more than half of all revenue in the global games market will come from mobile, according to The Global Games Market Report 2022 from Newzoo.

In 2022 the mobile games sector will generate $103.5 billion, which is 53% of the total global games market value of $197.8 billion.

The report also shows that the number of gamers will reach 3.5 billion by 2025, and increase of 600 million from 2020’s lockdown ‘boom’ of 2.5 billion.

Newzoo Global Games Market Report 2022

In contrast the PC gaming market saw an increase of 1.6% while console gaming declined in 2.2%. The report notes that the ongoing growth in mobile is the primary reason for avoiding an overall decline in the global games industry.

Many emerging markets, which are predominantly mobile-first are experiencing ongoing growth. The Middle East and Africa grew by 10.8%, while Latin America grew by 6.9%. North America is projected to grow 0.5%, while Europe is projected to actually decline by 0.3%.

Ongoing Growth

The Global Games Market 2022 also shows that the global games market will continue to increase, reaching $225.7 billion by 2025.

This is despite ongoing supply chain issues which led to component shortages for the latest generation of consoles and PCs, along with the shift to remote/hybrid working conditions caused delays for many titles which started development over the pandemic. The fact that the mobile market tends towards faster development cycles, smaller teams and suffered fewer supply restrictions has enabled the mobile sector to increase its growth in comparison to other platforms.

These issues are expected to shrink in the coming years, with the console market predicted to experience significant growth by 2025, and many of the delayed major titles hitting the market. Combined with the continuing growth in mobile, this highlights the resilience and ongoing potential of the games market worldwide.

The Newzoo Global Games Market Report 2022 is available to download now. An abbreviated free version is available.

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