Scottish Game Developers Association – Micro Talks – July 27 2022

Scottish Game Developers Association – Micro Talks – July 27 2022

SGDA Microtalks: The Scottish Game Developers Association is hosting an evening of online ‘microtalks’ from a number of Scottish developers – each in 10 minutes or less. Join them on the 27th of July from 7pm.

Tickets are free – and as always the SGDA is offering an open floor at the start of the event for announcements and updates from the Scottish games community

Nick Bell (Aetheric Games)

Nick describes himself as “a comedically large overcoat containing a solo indie dev balanced on the shoulders of a college-level game dev teacher”, which is to say he works as both an indie dev at Aetheric Games developing Temple of Snek, and as a game dev lecturer at Edinburgh College.

Nick will be discussing Early Access development as an indie.

Niamh Loughran (Hyper Luminal Games)

Niamh is currently a Producer at Hyper Luminal Games in Dundee as well as a Women in Games Ambassador. She is passionate about people, the creative process and indie games in general, and was nominated for a Game Dev Heroes award this year 2022. She is currently playiung Spiritfarer and Toem.

Niamh will be discussing production and managing the creative process on projects

Eoghan Mulvenna (Hyper Luminal Games)

Eoghan is a Game Developer and Programmer who has been working in the Games Industry for four years, most recently at Tag Games and Hyper Luminal Games. Always having a deep passion for game development and learning, he has often investigated and explored many different paradigms, algorithms and new ways of doing things, holding a firm belief that something should never be done just because that’s the way it has always been done. One particular topic has stood out and come up repeatedly over the course of his career: Data Oriented Design. Now he wishes to proselytize to anyone willing to listen and hopefully explain how even just knowing about Data Oriented Design can, and will, make you a better game developer.

Tune In

You can watch along on Youtube. The SGDA team will also be hosting a live chat for questions and general networking on the SGDA Discord.

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