Autonauts Console Edition – Coming Soon

Autonauts Console Edition – Coming Soon

Autonauts console edition: Following on from the news of Autonauts vs Pirates, the world’s favourite, BAFTA award-winning automate-em-up, Autonauts is coming to console, with Xbox, PlayStation and Switch versions released on June 16th 2022.

The Autonauts console edition(s) are brand-new player experiences, providing fans with an evolved tutorial and structure that enables them to hone their coding skills more quickly and effectively.

Players can programme mechanical helpers by showing them what to do step-by-step, from cooking, farming, mining to construction (and so much more), then sit back and watch their automated army build and grow their colony and civilisation.

Autonauts combines the best of coding, crafting, simulation, world-building, production-line, and resource management to create an experience unlike any other.

Players must build a mighty ‘bot workforce to automate everything in their settlement; teach the ‘bots what to do, and expand their brains and operational potential with numerous upgrades and options. Create rudimentary crafting items and structures from blueprints, and build dozens of different Workerbots to make the planet a fully functioning home.

Autonauts Console Edition will hit: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, XS, and Nintendo Switch on June 16th.

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