Avast New Update: Pirates Aaaaarrrr Coming To Autonauts

Avast New Update: Pirates Aaaaarrrr Coming To Autonauts

Autonauts Vs Piratebots? Yo Ho Ho!

Autonauts, the BAFTA award-winning automation, strategy and create-em-up game from Denki, and the crew of s-Curve-y dogs (sorry) is receiving a major update with the announcement that pirates aaaarrrrrrrr coming to the game.

Autonauts vs Piratebots is a whole new game of automation and strategy for novices and veterans alike. Ye be the captain of your own destiny in this swashbuckling simulation that boasts an in-depth campaign across procedurally-generated worlds. Players will need to use crafting, world-building and realtime strategy (RTS) thinking to reclaim Autonauts settlements from marauding Piratebots, all while honing their Bot coding skills.

Now’s yer chance to code and command an entire armada of Autonauts to conquer the corsairs, sieze the swag and give the grog-swilling ne’er-do-wells the heave ho.

Autonauts vs Piratebots

Born To Rum

Players must use coding and automation (and rum) to scavenge the world for resources, create industrious Workerbots and train them to become fearless Defencebots to combat fearsome Piratebots. Build mighty defensive walls and deploy armed towers to stop the pillaging Piratebots in their tracks. Salvage essential booty from the black-hearted bots to drive them back t’the sea from whence they came.

Autonauts vs Piratebots marries the game’s charming artistic vibe with an innovative and intuitive ‘show-and-tell’ Scratch-style coding system to make unique automation gameplay accessible to all.

Join The Crew

To learn more about Autonauts vs Piratebots, please visit the official Steam page. Or meet the helpful, lovable Autonauts community on the official Discord server

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