Three Scottish Studios Awarded £25K By UK Games Fund

Three Scottish Studios Awarded £25K By UK Games Fund

Three games studios located in Scotland, have been selected as recipients of £25,000 grants from the UK Games Fund.

Edinburgh-based GLITCHERS, as well as Dundee-based studios Hyper Luminal Games and Polygon Treehouse, are three of the 21 companies from across the UK selected by the UK Games Fund review panel.

Round seven of the UKGF was designed specifically to support studios which have experience of completing and releasing a game as a team. Applicants in this round were expected to have a complete development team, detailed concept and viable route to market.

The UKGF received approximately 270 expressions of interest, with 50 candidate teams moving forward to the interview process. The review panel discussed each applicants, to find out more about the proposed project, how the grant would be utilised and what impact the funding would have upon the business as a whole.

Paul Durrant OBE, CEO of the UK Games Fund, said:

It’s a pleasure to announce this funding right at the beginning of our new funding cycle as we’ve been able to support companies across our financial years and this has made it easier to accommodate different production schedules. This portfolio-boost is a great new start to an exciting new support programme ahead.

The 21 companies that have been selected for UKGF grant support are:

Photo by Christopher Bill on Unsplash

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