SouthSide Games Festival 2022

SouthSide Games Festival 2022

Glasgow’s Southside Games Festival is returning for 2022, with an opportunity to discover and play videogames from local developers.

The festival takes place on the evening of Wednesday 18th of May at The Glad Cafe on Pollockshaws Road in Glasgow. Entry is free – but is over 18’s only, due to licensing restrictions.

The festival offers visitors the chance to play and enjoy games created by some of the most creative developers working right now, including:

Zoe (Retchy)

Hand-drawn bullet-hell. This frenetic shooter combines the run-and-gun mechanics of Metal Slug, with the infinite loops of Resogun and wraps it up with old-fashioned drawn-on-film style animation. Fight your own creator as the artist bears down on you with pen and paintbrush.

Face of the Killer (Garment District + Tommy Tone + A Degen)

Like Scooby Do, but for kids. This trilogy of horror-mystery adventure games will tingle your senses and poke at your fears. Come face to face with misshapen philosophical idioms, unclear moral art, and spooky creatures with masks. Will you survive? Will your friends be there when you need them? Find out in glorious 3D.

Thatcher’s Techbase (Doom Daddy Digital)

Kill Margaret Thatcher. A global phenomenon that has graced the pages of PC Gamer, NME and The Metro and was awarded Best Demon in Esquire’s annual games awards. But despite all that high esteem, this is a simple game about Margaret Thatcher coming back from the dead as a demon with a big robot suit and you have to shoot her in the head with lots of guns.

Bar Fight (We Throw Switches)

Mash buttons and explore datasets in this manic multiplayer party game. Custom built controllers and a large screen make this a one-off experience that you cannot add to your steam wishlist.

The Southside Games Festival 2022 is supported by Hairy Heart Games – aka Glasgow game developer Joe Bain.

There are no tickets for sale, so we’re guessing you pitch up, play games and meet the amazing people behind them.

You can find out more about the Southside Games Festival 2022 on the official website, or follow it on Facebook and find it on Instagram.

It sounds like an absolute BLAST. We hope to see you there…

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