OUT NOW: Murder Mystery Machine AR Edition For Tilt Five

OUT NOW: Murder Mystery Machine AR Edition For Tilt Five

Blazing Griffin, the Glasgow-based studio which produces games and movies is bringing its BAFTA-nominated detective game Murder Mystery Machine to the Tilt Five augmented reality (AR) games platform.  

Tilt Five’s focuses new augmented reality platform, focuses on the tabletop gaming market, combining digital gaming with the socially interactive aspect of tabletop board games.   

Blazing Griffin Murder Mystery Machine TIlt Five

Using the Tilt Five AR glasses, gameboard and wand controller, players can take their experience of playing Murder Mystery Machine to a whole new level of immersion.  The game’s crime scenes become real-world dioramas, allowing players to peer around corners for hidden clues, and solve the game’s mysteries from a completely new point-of-view.

The new Tilt Five version of Murder Mystery Machine is now available on Steam. Existing owners will now be able to access the Tilt Five version when launching the game through the Steam client.

Tilt Five

Tilt Five was founded in California with the vision of building the first consumer AR system that would bring everyone to the table to play games.

Founder Jeri Ellsworth discovered Tilt Five’s approach to AR while heading up the R&D department at Valve. A beam splitter accidentally rotated and shot beams of light onto retroreflective material across the room and produced stunning high-contrast images. After acquiring the technology from Valve, she continued to work on projection and retroreflection, developing the technology that would become the foundation of the Tilt Five holographic gaming system. 

Tilt Five closed a Kickstarter campaign, raising more than $1.7 million, and became the most successful AR crowdfunding campaign to date.

The company is currently shipping to Kickstarter Backers and has opened up reservations for the product on the website.

Justin Alae-Carew, Blazing Griffin’s Head of Games (Commercial), said:

We’re thrilled to bring Murder Mystery Machine to Tilt Five, a platform that is a perfect match for our diorama-based gameplay.  Our original concepts of our environments were mimicking physical, table-top models so it’s fantastic that through Tilt Five we’re able to bring to life the diorama’s in a way that matches our original vision for the game.

Jeri Ellsworth, the CEO of Tilt Five told the Scottish Games Network:

It has been an incredible journey that is made even better by the developers who took a chance on us and integrated their games with this bleeding edge technology.  We have created a community of developers who are helping us to refine holographic gameplay and make the best experiences possible.

Murder Mystery Machine is OUT NOW on Steam and GOG.com.

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