North Sea Games Accepted For Roblox Accelerator Programme

North Sea Games Accepted For Roblox Accelerator Programme

North Sea Games, a team of Abertay University graduates based in Dundee, Scotland, has been accepted into the Roblox Accelerator Programme. 

This provides the studio with access to talks, consultation, and round tables on game design and best platform practices tailored for the Roblox platform – which boasts 43.2 million daily average users (DAU) – as well as funding for its unannounced Roblox experience, currently in development.

The three month programme kicks off in February 2022, and concludes with a presentation to the entire Roblox Company.

Roblox’ creator-controlled platform is well known for its extensive library of user generated content and its massive user base, as well as pioneering the development of the ‘metaverse’ as a virtual environment in which multiple different activities can be experienced.

North Sea Games was founded in late 2019 as part of Abertay’s Dare Academy program, which saw it produce a game project and present it to the public at EGX London. Following the graduation of its members in 2021, North Sea Games pivoted towards developing for the Roblox

Brentton White, Co-Founder and CEO of North Sea Games, told the SGN:

To be validated for our efforts by one of the industry’s largest players is very humbling, especially given their leading role in the emerging metaverse that dominates today’s gaming discussions. The opportunity to work with and learn from the teams at Roblox on our first commercial project is unlike anything we ever expected possible when this company began.

We reached out to Brentton and the North Sea Games team to find out more about the studio, it’s work with Roblox and the team’s plans for the future. We’ll update you with an exclusive interview in the near future.

Want to know more about North Sea Games, about Roblox and developing for the metaverse? Follow the studio on Twitter or vist the North Sea Games website ifor more information.

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