Games Talks LIVE: Scotland – Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow

Games Talks LIVE: Scotland – Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow

Colin Macdonald, the creator of Game|Dev|Drinks and Games Jobs Live is BACK with GAMES TALKS LIVE – a series of new LIVE (and online) events, taking place across three cities in Scotland in March 2022.

Offering the same blend of microtalks, presentations and networking as the hugely popular Game|Dev|Drinks, GAMES TALKS LIVE offers developers, and those working in Scotland’s games sector the opportunity to communicate, collaborate and network with visiting guests.

For these three events, Colin has secured the rather awesome Rami Ismail, as the keynote speaker. For those very few of you who don’t know him (yet), Rami is a Dutch-Egyptian industry ambassador & independent games developer with over 20 titles across PC, console, web, and mobile. His development of tools like the industry-standard, his prolific & popular public speaking, and highly-regarded consultancy and insights have helped shape industry opportunities for game communities & independent game developers of any kind, in any situation, and anywhere.

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Other speakers will include Stephen Hey (Merge Games / HeyStephenHey), Paul Farley (Firestoke Games), Max Scott-Slade (Glitchers), Niamh Loughran (Hyperluminal Games), Gary McCartan (Pocket Sized Hands), and many more to be announced!

Each evening will have an array of further speakers from local developers, visiting publishers and others to be announced nearer the time. Speaking sessions will be interspersed with networking breaks to encourage everyone to get to know as many people as possible and foster potential future collaborations.

The events run over three days, one in each of Scotland’s games hubs of Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow. The dates are:

  • Tues 8th March; Edinburgh (venue TBC)
  • Weds 9th March; Dundee (venue TBC)
  • Thurs 10th March; Glasgow (venue TBC)


Tickets are £10 each, or £25 to attend all three. The talks will be streamed live on YouTube – for free – if you’re unable to attend in person, but you will miss the networking.

You can use promocode SGN20 to save 20% by booking your tickets before 15th February. Some Scottish studios have kindly sponsored the event, in which case all their staff are entitled to a free ticket. Anyone buying a ticket that works for a studio that subsequently sponsors the event can get a full refund.

For examples of the sorts of speakers the pre-Covid version of Colin’s events featured, see here.

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