AdInMo Ad Campaign To Promote Doctor Who NFT Drop

AdInMo Ad Campaign To Promote Doctor Who NFT Drop

Reality Gaming Group has partnered with Edinburgh-headquartered ad specialist AdInMo to promote the launch of its third drop of Doctor Who: Worlds Apart non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is an upcoming officially licensed digital trading card game published by Reality Gaming Group. An active marketplace already exists where collectors and players alike can trade cards for real money to complete their decks. Each trading card is tokenised and secured on the blockchain.

The global campaign runs across AdInMo’s in-game advertising network where display ads are dynamically integrated into gameplay and do not interrupt player immersion. The campaign features fan favourite characters from Doctor Who and promotes the exclusive sale of the Founders Tokens, which enable players to gain early access and waive marketplace fees. Available for $1,000 each, this will be the largest single public sale event for Doctor Who: Worlds Apart tokens to date.

Doctor Who: World's Apart NFT Drop. AdInMo. Reality Gaming Group.

Tony Pearce, CEO and Co-Founder of Reality Gaming Group, said:

More and more people are realizing the potential of NFT Games. In-game advertising is the ideal media channel to creatively raise greater awareness of our latest Doctor Who: Worlds Apart drop and brings together two innovative gaming trends.

Kristan Rivers, CEO and Co-Founder of AdInMo, added:

BBC Studios has a track record of exploring new technologies. Reality Gaming Group’s campaign is a fantastic use case of immersive in-game advertising. It shows how vibrant the gaming ecosystem is right now driving innovation, enabling advertisers to reach relevant audiences and engage in new ways, creating better brand experiences for players.

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