Creative Game Changers Wanted

Creative Game Changers Wanted

Creative Game Changers is a multi-week user-driven, virtual course focused on the recovery, impact, digital reach, and growth of Scottish, creative businesses, freelancers, or sole traders.

The programme is funded by the Scottish Government Creative Digital Initiative via National Lottery Funding from Creative Scotland, and is delivered in partnership with Skills Development Scotland and the Future Economy Company.

It is open to eligible creative businesses across Scotland.

About Creative Game Changers

The course is looking for participants who are forging their own path, shaping their own approach, and finding new ways to do things in response to the changing landscape.

Creative Game Changers was developed for creative businesses and individuals that have found a new approach to business or pivoted their business models or product offers, identified new routes to market, new customers or new opportunities. Those who are ambitious, perhaps don’t feel they ‘fit in’ elsewhere and have the ability and tenacity to thrive in the current climate – with a little tailored support.

Is the course right for you?

This programme could be for you if you run a Scottish creative business or operate as a sole trader or freelancer and are working on a creative recovery plan, need digital support to take things to the next level, have the potential to grow, or to create jobs in the current climate or can demonstrate multiple impacts, across social, creative, environmental & economic measures in Scotland.

Applicants need to demonstrate the following:

  • Business resilience
  • New approaches to reconnect and build new markets in pursuit of recovery
  • New routes to market, new customers, or new opportunities
  • Potential to pivot successfully
  • Ambition and a creative approach
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Application Process

Applications have been designed to let every creative practitioner apply, so whether you struggle with filling in application forms, or presenting to panels, you’ll get multiple opportunities to talk about yourself and your business. There are three basic rounds…

  1. online application – information gathering
  2. the interview – culture fit
  3. selection panel – group endorsement

The team behind Creative Game Changers, includes several of Scotland’s leading business experts, coaches, facilitators, founders and pioneers, with experience across multiple industries, with businesses at all stages of growth.

“For this programme, we were determined not to assume that we knew what these Game Changers needed. They’re taking an entirely new approach to their businesses so we wanted to create a space where they could tell us how we could best nourish them”

CGC Programme Lead, Medeia Cohan.

In addition to the course content, participants will also have access to a host of shepherds specialising in a range of subjects who are available for 1:2:1 consultations to support participants across their journey on the course.

“Creative Game Changers is a chance for entrepreneurs who’ve not yet found their most appropriate business support mechanism to curate their own development experience. They’re being offered space to be heard and quality care to assist them with their development,”

Rachael Brown, CEO of The Future Economy Company.
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Register Your Interest

To find out more about programme and to register your interest in the programme, visit the Creative Game Changers website.

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