Entrepreneurial Academy Open For Business

Looking for support to grow your business? If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Academy is a series of online workshops, delivered by business leaders and experts. Participants will get useful insights and techniques to help scale your business and meet like-minded peers to help build your business network.

The Entrepreneurial Academy provides transformational education designed to support the growth of Scotland’s ambitious entrepreneurs. The programme offers a series of workshops delivered by experts in their field with real experience of supporting entrepreneurs.

Learn about topics that will be indispensable to your scaling strategy and get the knowledge and tools to grow your business. The programme offers a series of workshops on the following topics. You can book the whole series, or just the workshops you’re interested in.

What does the Academy provide?

  • Business model and value proposition development (two day workshop, delivered by TRKR Ltd)
  • Responsibilities of the director (one day workshop, delivered by Future Sales Factory Ltd)
  • Executing a digital strategy (one day workshop, delivered by NS Design)
  • Brand development (one day workshop, delivered by Spreng Thomson and Graven)
  • Entrepreneurial sales (two day workshop, delivered by Future Sales Factory Ltd)
  • Entrepreneurial finance (one day workshop)
  • Pitching for investment (one day workshop, delivered by Maryanne Johnston)
  • Strategies for improving (one day workshop, delivered by SkyRocket Wellness)

The Entrepreneurial Academy is for:

  • Business startups who are pre-revenue and yet to make their first sale
  • New entrepreneurial companies less than three years old
  • Scaling entrepreneurs looking to drive their company to the next stage
  • Entrepreneurs who want to arm themselves with the knowledge and tools to grow their business

When will it run?

The workshops will run from October 2021 to March 2022. Each topic will be run twice over the six months.

All workshops will be held online and will be split into half-day sessions.

Follow up support

If you attend two or more workshops, an optional two hour follow up with a relevant supplier is also available (for a maximum of 50 companies).

Find out more and sign up here.

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