Paisley Museum Reimagined: Game Developers Wanted (NOW)

Paisley Museum Reimagined: Game Developers Wanted (NOW)

Renfrewshire council is looking for game developers to respond to a public sector procurement contract to develop games for the ‘reimagined’ Paisley Museum.

The contract, which is worth a total of £405,000 allocates £145,000 for the creation of ‘digital interactives’ (videogames) as part of a wider development of new audio visual elements for the museum.

Timing is tight, as the call for developers closes at 00:00 on Wednesday 15th September (tomorrow)

The successful developer will be asked to create games for use within the museum, with a focus on multiple touchscreens, for a family audience.

Here’s the relevant section from the procurement website:

The Exhibition AV Software production requirements include the provision of Films/ Animations, Digital Interactive Games, Touch screen information screens and AV Shows. We are looking for high quality, robust and creative solutions that will engage visitors to the new Paisley Museum. Successful contractors will work with us and our stakeholders in a collaborative manner.

Design and software development to produce final working digital games. Up to 12 digital interactives in total. 7 single screen touch screens (2 requiring a mechanical interface) and 5 with 2, 3, 4 or 5 screens – these are a mix of touch screens and feedback screens. These will be running computer touch screens.

The games and interactives themselves will be simple in computer games terms, see CBBC games for an indication of the level of interactivity and gameplay (but not the look and feel). The successful contractor will need to develop all the elements required to produce robust, engaging and accessible games – this would include character, scene animations (if there are any), scene development and all on screen graphics.

Renfrew council has developed a questionnaire for interested parties. You have until midnight (00:00) on Wednesday 15th September.

You can find the whole Paisley Museum procurement on the Public Contracts Scotland website (and every developer looking for work-for-hire projects should be on there).

Apply here.

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