OUT NOW: Remedy Quest

OUT NOW: Remedy Quest

Remedy Quest, the casual mobile game, inspired by science, which aims to make the subject of vaccines, vaccinations and combatting viruses more widely understood, is out now for iOS and Android devices.

Created by Glasgow-based studio Game Dr, the game was supported by an Innovate UK grant, as well as scientists and schools across the whole of the UK.

Anti Virus Action

In the game players can choose several ways to interfere with the ability of viruses to enter the lungs, replicate and infect the patient. Each can be deployed separately as the number of virions increases, but each has a different cooldown period, requiring tactical thinking in order to keep the virus from spreading out of control.

Think of it like a more medical Missile Command and you’re in the right trial. Thankfully players also have access to a vaccine, which provides immunity against the virus in the form of powerful antibody waves.,

The game features an individual hand-drawn art style, which is reminiscent of classic sci-fi novel covers, while being sufficiently biological to convey the impression of taken place inside the body on a cellular level.

All of the remedies can be upgraded and improved to increase their efficacy, inceasing their speed, or concentration, reducing cooldown time to combat the increasing number of virions.


Getting Remedy Quest onto the App Store was a challenge in itself according to Game Dr. Thanks to the game’s extensive content focused upon Covid-19 and vaccinations, it was subjected to extensive investigation before being approved to ensure that it did not contain misinformation, or disinformation about either topic.

The game is still in its Beta version, but has already built a healthy (sorry) userbase in the UK, US and Brazil, with Brazil having a particularly high level of engaged players.

Game Dr’s focus for the early versions of the game has been to gather data and use that to inform future updates.

The next update is due in October 2021, with plans in place to improve the storyline, gameplay and educational content. The company is also exploring collaboration with a US publisher, which specialises in games with an educational and social impact focus.

Game Dr’s long term plan is to use the game as a platform for wider vaccine education.

A Team Game

Remedy Quest has benefitted from the support of an experienced and expert development team, along with a prestigious panel of science advisors and consultants, including:

Development Team:

  • Ant Lewis (lead developer)
  • Patrick Shaw (creative director)
  • Carla Brown (science director)
  • Lorna van der Sitghelen (artist)
  • Calum Robb (audio)
  • Marcus Gray (animator)

Science Consultants:

  • Dr Pamela Rackow, University of Stirling
  • Dr Lindsay Broadbent and Dr Connor Bamford, Queens Belfast University
  • Prof David Robertson, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Vandana Ravindran – University of Oslo 
  • Dr Roger Harrison, University of manchester 

Play & Learn

You can download Remedy Quest – FREE – for iOS and Android using the links below.

Remedy Quest (Apple App Store).

Remedy Quest (Google Play).

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