OUT NOW: Murder Mystery Machine

OUT NOW: Murder Mystery Machine

Murder Mystery Machine is the latest release from Glasgow-based Blazing Griffin, the converged digital entertainment company which incorporates videogames, as well as film/TV production and post-production.

In Murder Mystery Machine, players join the District Crime Agency (DCA), helping young recruit Cassandra Clarks and jaded veteran Nate Huston, solve the cases that no one else wants to touch.

The game kicks off when politician Frank Daniels is found dead in what, at first glance, seems to be a burgalry… but is there more to this than meets the eye?

The detectives soon find themselves involved in a series of complex and interconnected crimes in which they must uncover the truth.

Players will have to investigate multiple crime scenes putting their analytical and deduction skills to the test. Collect clues, connect evidence, interrogate suspects and find the truth at the heart of each investigation.

Murder Mystery Machine is out now for iOS, Apple Arcade, Mac OS, PC and console, published by Microids.

Justin Alae-Carew, Co-Head of Games, Blazing Griffin told the Scottish Games Network:

We’re really excited to bring the game to new platforms and new audiences. As we did this we also had the opportunity to spend more time on our story and gameplay based on our past learnings. We’ve continued to make use of the talent across our company, both in games and TV to bring a unique narrative and gameplay experience which we hope fans of detective games and procedural crime dramas will enjoy!

Murder Mystery Machine. Screenshot.

Game features: 

  • A plot created by mastersMurder Mystery Machine’s story was written by professional film & TV writers to ensure that it delivers a compelling experience from start to finish. 
  • Engaging deduction mechanics – Deduce, solve, accuse. Every piece of evidence you collect will be added to your detective workspace. A dedicated place where you’ll have to use your deduction skills to recreate your own version of events as you connect a complex web of suspects, motives and clues to unveil the truth. 
  • Detailed & varied environments to explore – Dive into crime scenes you can rotate, zoom in and explore, each presented as a beautiful diorama. 
  • A modern noir art style – Enter a modern noir stylish world! The dark scenes are lit with a neon glow and the atmospheric staging enhances the game’s wider sense of mystery. 
Murder Mystery Machine Screenshot

Murder Mystery Machine is also taking part in Gamescom 2021, until Friday 27th August, as part of the Indie Arena Booth Online, where it has its own digital booth, with posters, an arcade allowing visitors to play the game’s demo and even a screen to view the game’s video assets. See: Gamescom 2021 Indie booth

For more information and to buy the game visit the Murder Mystery Machine website.

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