Coming Soon: Temple Of Snek

Coming Soon: Temple Of Snek

Sneks! Why did it have to be Sneks?

Temple of Snek is a brand new swallow-em-up puzzle game for PC, created by Edinburgh indie Aetheric Games and published by Pixel Jam.

The game is a twist on the Nokia classic, in which you guide a hungry snake around a featureless 2D plain. Temple of Snek drops the action into an eerie and isolated temple, stuffed full of perilous pits, deadly spikes and grim, club-wielding looters. Exactly the sort of place that Lara Croft used to hang out before she was rebooted.

As the developer describes it: Deep in her lair slumbers an avatar of the goddess Snek, guardian of her secret and mysterious temple. When raiders and grave-robbers come seeking ancient treasure, the stern priestesses sound the alarm and Snek awakens to defend the temple, monch the infidels, and grow and grow.

Like the original game, your snek grows as it noms, so you’re confronted with an ever longer reptile to guide through the deadly depths. However snek’s are more susceptible to sound, so there are also rhythm elements to the game which will dictate where and how your snake moves.

Aetheric Games, the developer behind the sneks, is an Edinburgh-based indie developer, better known as Nick Bell, a game lecturer at Edinburgh college, with half a dozen titles under its belt including Interactivity: The Interactive Experience, a game which features a forbidden Big Red Button (TM), which has been described as “The Stanley Parable meets Groundhog Day via David Lynch”. Pixel Jam, the defiantly lo-fi indie publisher, responsible for games including Nova Drift and Cheap Golf is handling the release of the game worldwide.

Early Access

Temple of Snek will be hitting Early Access on Steam on August 18th, but is available now to wishlist, follow, like, love and stalk like a hungry anaconda.

According to Aetheric the main campaign will grow as Early Access progresses, allowing you to replay several times and see the changes and new content. In addition, the studio is planning “cosmetic options for Snek, a classic snake mode, and a level editor.”

The Full Snek

Once complete, the game will offer

  • a continuous, interwoven metroidvania-like puzzle dungeon
  • five environments with distinct art, music and puzzle styles
  • rhythm- and length-based traps and puzzles
  • 4 NPC types with unique puzzle mechanics
  • secret powers to discover and master
  • a wordless, environmental narrative with twist in the tale
  • procedural music that changes as you play
  • Mek-a-Snek: design your own snake-skin pattern
  • Classic mode: eat-and-grow score attack
  • Level Editor: make and share your own snek puzzles!

Like, Love, Lurk in the Shadows…

Head over to Steam to add Temple of Snek to your wishlist. You can also find out more on the official website, join the game’s dedicated Discord channel and follow Aetheric Games on Twitter and While you’re at it, show Pixel Jam a little love too…

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