DI4D HMC: New High Res Head Mounted Camera

DI4D HMC: New High Res Head Mounted Camera

DI4D, the ultra high-res facial capture company headquartered in Glasgow has released a new version of its wireless head-mounted camera system, with a host of new features to make it as efficient as possible to use within a production pipeline.

The DI4D HMC system enables high fidelity facial capture in tandem with full-body motion capture, achieving full performance capture of multiple actors simultaneously.

The camera is fitted with a stereo pair of high-quality four megapixel cameras and a fine focus adjustment mechanism to ensure that captured images are always as sharp as possible. The onboard diffuse LED lighting panel ensures that illumination is as even as possible across the actor’s face. 

By synchronising the lighting to the cameras reduces the apparent brightness to the actor, while still allowing a good depth of focus, short exposure to minimize motion blur and low gain to reduce image noise. Continuous wireless synchronisation ensures that multiple HMCs remain accurately synchronised to master timecode at up to 60fps. The rechargeable battery provides up to 3 hours of continuous wireless operation and is hot-swappable to ensure minimal interruptions while shooting.

DI4D’s DI4Dlive software enables remote control of multiple DI4D HMCs within a production environment. It also simplifies the process of monitoring, recording, reviewing and managing multiple takes across multiple DI4D HMCs. Additionally, DI4Dlive provides features to facilitate 4D performance capture, such as camera calibration and 3D reconstruction using stereo photogrammetry. The camera also includes a range of features to simplify and speed up the process of setting up HMCs accurately and consistently for multiple performers and over multiple sessions.

DI4D HMC – Selected Features Summary

  • Light-weight, wireless helmet-mounted, camera system 
  • Synchronised stereo pair of high-quality video cameras
  • Capture high-quality 1536×2048 pixels JPEG per frame per camera at up to 60 FPS 
  • Quick and repeatable helmet fitting and setup
  • Up to 3 hours battery life – hot swap batteries without shutting down recorder
  • Synchronized with the “house” timecode – shoot in sync with other optical mocap systems
  • Intuitive and robust remote control software
  • Compatible with third-party post-processing solutions
  • Optimised for 4D facial performance capture

Colin Urquhart, DI4D’s CEO said,

Our DI4D HMC is intended to fulfil the need for a high-end HMC solution optimized for 4D facial capture. The lightweight, ergonomic design allows the actors to forget about the technology and to focus on achieving the best possible acting performances. The DI4D HMC is compatible with most third-party facial animation solutions, but when it is used together with our 4D post-processing services, it delivers the most faithful and realistic facial animation possible.

To get in touch with the DI4D team, or more information on the DI4D HMC please visit the DI4D website.

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