Join The First Ever Tech For Good Summit

Join The First Ever Tech For Good Summit

Over the last year of lockdown, remote working and furlough, the Scottish tech-for-good ecosystem was radically transformed. The Scottish Tech Army – an organisation of volunteers with digital skills – was founded and in a very short space of time, started providing direct, tangible and expert help to charities, social enterprises and third-sector organisations across Scotland.

On the anniversary of it’s launch, the Scottish Tech Army, along with partners ScotlandIS, CodeClan and the Scottish Charity Regulator OSCR, are hosting the first Tech for Good Summit. Featuring speakers, panellists and delegates Scotland’s digital technology industries, the third sector and public sectors, the event will act as a springboard for a new level of activity and impact on the wellbeing of Scotland.

Taking place on Wednesday 28th April, the Tech For Good Summit will explorre four key areas for Scotland’s digital future:

The Art Of The Possible

Thanks to all of the uncertainty and disruption over the last year, Scotland’s third and public sectors are under pressure like never before. The art of the possible discussions will showcase real world examples that demonstrate the impact that technology can have to help organisations deliver more effectively, efficiently and affordably and on a scale that has never been seen before.

The Tech For Good Ecosystem

The ongoing success of the Scottish Tech Army shows that the tech for good ecosystem is alive and well in Scotland but the STA and partner believe that even more is possible. The panels in this track will discuss the roles and contributions of all of the organisations that can play a part in the overall mission and how the ecosystem nourishes every part of it – charity, volunteer, employer and customer. How do we aggregate efforts and amplify what we do to reach further?

Agents Of Change

Volunteers are agents of change. This track will highlight and celebrate their contributions, show the value they create for the organisations they sign up to help – and the impact for the people served by those organisations. This track will explore the quality of their experiences as volunteers, learners and employees and provide examples of the value that volunteers deliver back into the organisations that employ them.

Volunteers Assemble

A real live Jam. The STA has asked for ‘Digital Sparks’ – short videos of problems they organisations are having, the impact those prorblems are having – and asking for a digital solution. 

On the day volunteers will assemble in groups for a two hour challenge to come up with innovative solutions. The audience will vote and the Scottish Tech Army will commit to bringing the three most popular problems to life.

Pay To Play

The Tech For Good Summit has implemented a pay-what-you-can system, which starts with FREE tickets, and then has tiers up to £50 each, enabling every participant to join in and support the excellent work being done by the STA volunteers and the third sector organisations it supports.

Join The Jam

The live two hour design challenge is looking for volunteers to help solve real problems being faced by charities across Scotland. Six charities have put forward their digital sparks and participants will have only two hours to come up with a digital solution.

It’s an opportunity to give up a little bit of your time, and used your creativity, digital, design, and tech skills to do some good and solve som real world problems. Teams and individuals are welcome to join in. Volunteers from all backgrounds are welcomed, and signing up in as simple as filling in an online form.

Tech For Good

The STA has been carried out some incredible work over the last year. It’s a fabulous example of innovation and compassion coming out of Scotland and its ambition of doing even more good should be applauded and supported.

The games industry tends not to see itself as part of the software or digital technology industries in Scotland, which means that the combination of creativity and technical skills that underpins the games industry is often missing.

We’d absoutely recommend signing up to the Tech For Good Summit and if you can spare two hours out of your busy day, we know they’d love to welcome you on board.

Find out more and sign up here.

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