GamesMaster Book Kickstarter Offers Date With Diamond

GamesMaster Book Kickstarter Offers Date With Diamond

If your response to the news that Channel 4 are rebooting GamesMaster was “what’s that?”, you’re in luck. Read Only Memory, publishers of the classiest, most luxurious videogame history hardbacks money can buy, have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a book called GamesMaster: The Oral History. It’s a highly detailed, 320-page account of the notorious and beloved television programme that, judging by the Kickstarter reward-tiers, shares its risque sense of humour.

The book compiles stories and anecdotes from more than 40 people associated with the programme, from members of the production crew to contestants and celebrity guests. GamesMaster’s sharp-tongued host and son of Arbroath Dominik Diamond was heavily involved in the project to build a comprehensive and candid picture of what went into making this bizarre piece of television history. One of the contributors is none other Robbie Williams, who SGN readers will remember was the best member of Take That at Bomberman.

Effortlessly chic (two words never previously associated with GamesMaster), the book’s design takes its cues from the iconic cybergoth aesthetic of the programme, opting for a cold metallic color scheme and a mixture of elaborately serifed and raw, angular typefaces.

But There’s More

At the time of writing you’ve still got 24 days to claim your own copy, which will ship sometime in November this year. You’ll have to act quickly though if you wanted to snap up one of the more exclusive backer tiers. The £1500 “BestDayEverMaster” tier promises a day out with Diamond himself in which you and the host will visit the old set, stop by the local for a pint and then head down the racetrack to put a bet on. Diamond will be “wearing some form of red jacket” so you’ll recognise him when you get there.

The £5000 tier is even more exclusive. With just one place available (it’s still open as we type this), this option invites the most illustrous backer to join Diamond and GamesMaster walk-off Dave Perry to get permanently inked at Perry’s Revolver Tattoo Rooms in Torquay. Because great decisions are worth remembering.

Read Only Memory is a London-based publisher of specialist interest (i.e. irredeemably nerdy) videogame books. They’ve published a whole book on arcade game typography and definitive histories of the Mega Drive and Dreamcast (won’t somebody please think of the Saturn!) 

To find out more about the book GamesMaster: The Oral History, check out the Kickstarter here – and don’t delay if you desire that Dominik date.

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