SGN Podcast: Reboot Vs Remake – The Final Showdown

SGN Podcast: Reboot Vs Remake – The Final Showdown

SGN POD 007! It’s unbelievable we know, but somehow we’ve reached episode SEVEN of the SGN Podcast. An hour(ish) of news, analysis, opinion and everything related to videogames in Scotland.

This week, we look at the issues surrounding the preservation of videogames, and the thorny question of when does a remake, become a reboot? With the recent news that GTA V will be remastered for the next generation consoles, we look back at some of the other games and franchises which have been ‘reimagined’ for a new audience.

As usual, we review the week’s news, from the release of Stronghold: Warlords, to the closure of the Computer Games Journal and our first viral story of the year: Ubisoft Dunoon. We also talk Island Saver, arguably the biggest collaboration between Scotland’s #videogames and #fintech ecosystems to date.

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