Out Now: Stronghold Warlords

Out Now: Stronghold Warlords

The long running and much beloved Stronghold franchise received a new instalment this week. The series that spans two decades is throwing its hat back in the ring with Stronghold Warlords. Developed by Firefly, which has a studio in Aberdeen, the game received multiple nominations for “best in show” Awards at E3, winning several. Stronghold Warlords was also showcased by leading gaming publications such as IGN and The Escapist.

What’s New?

After reading the game’s credentials you may be wondering what sets this entry apart from other instalments in the franchise? The setting is the obvious one, this time around we’re heading east. Gone are the days of the rolling fields and medieval architecture of the European middle ages. It’s time to command the armies of Asia.

However, it is more than just the location that has changed. Players must recruit the titular ‘Warlords’ and then find ways to use them successfully in battle. Each of your AI allies can boost your strategic capabilities with unique characteristics, perks and upgradeable abilities. With every campaign mission, skirmish game or multiplayer battle, players will be presented with new Warlords to increase industry, upgrade their fortifications or to utilise in battle with a wider range of devastating strategic manoeuvres.

For fans of the franchise, the iconic “castle sim” gameplay is still there, building your castle, defending it from your enemies and laying siege to their strongholds are all still core parts of the game.

What’s the Story?

The Stronghold Warlords’ website says that players will ‘rewrite history’ in a campaign that encompasses 3rd century BC China all the way up to of the Mongol Empire in 1200 AD. Players will be given the opportunity to relive decisive battles from Asian history. The power to change the outcome of important sieges or try new tactics to see how things would have differed is in the players hands.

Starting with the kingdom of Âu Lạc in Vietnam, players will take part in the founding of the Qin dynasty, Japanese shogunate and eventually the arrival of Genghis Khan on the world stage

Stronghold Warlords website

Stonghold: Warlords is OUT NOW for PC. You can buy it on Steam, or find out more on the official games website.

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