AdInMo SDK Now Live On Unity Asset Store

AdInMo SDK Now Live On Unity Asset Store

Do you make mobile games? Are you frustrated by the instrusive nature of interstitial ads and the limited potential for generating actual revenue? One local company could have the answer…

Introducing InGamePlay

AdInMo’s InGamePlay™ software development kit (SDK) is now available via the Unity Asset Store, the global marketplace where game developers source third party assets, tools and services.

AdInMo’s Unity SDK integration is a simple UNITY texture replacement that enables mobile game developers to introduce incremental revenue in their games by placing InGamePlay brand advertising, without the teeth-grinding frustration caused by interstitial video ads. 

Seamless Mobile Ads

The SDK is entirely focused on mobile with Android and IOS features fully optimized for high and low-end handsets, including caching and the ability to monetize in airplane mode. Crucially, developer A/B Testing consistently demonstrates no impact on game performance.

AdInMo’s SDK enables ad placement which seamlessly blend into gameplay – without interrupting game flow or the player experience. According to AdInMo, brand advertising works across all game genres and the company says they have a positive impact on player retention because InGamePlay ads are click-free and do not force players to leave the game. 

In fact, according to a recent study by over a quarter of developers are expected to trial monetizing with this new immersive ad category in the first six months of 2021.

Design Support

AdInMo recently released V1.0 of its Integration Guide to help developers design games with InGamePlay ad placements in mind. Unity developers are also invited to AdInMo’s free game design clinic to have their game reviewed by the in-house team in order to benchmark its monetization potential. 

The guide features best practices for monetizing with InGamePlay brand ads based on game design theory to optimise implementation and the virtual design clinic offers tailored advice to developers how to earn incremental revenue. 

CEO and Co-Founder Kristan Rivers said:

“It’s fantastic that the AdInMo SDK is now available directly via Unity’s global game developer community. It comes right at the time when developers are actively seeking new monetization channels as part of developing post Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) strategies and will help accelerate immersive InGamePlay brand advertising on mobile.

“The Unity launch coincides with the roll out of AdInMo’s Design Clinic. Run by our in-house design team, the clinic has been set up to support developers learn more about how best to balance optimizing monetization and player immersion to earn incremental revenues from InGamePlay brand ads.”

You can find and follow AdInMo on the company website, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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