Freelance Friday (05/02/21)

Freelance Friday (05/02/21)

This is Freelance Friday, the weekly column that aims to showcase the country’s self employed video game professionals. Read on to find out more about the designers, artists, composers, and creators, who can help YOU bring your project to life…

Andrew McKissock (Writer and Narrative Designer)

Andrew McKissock has worked as a writer on a number of titles ranging from 2007’s The Matrix Online to last year’s The Glitching Graduation. Andrew’s has worked on a variety of different projects, including, seven separate video games and reviews and opinion features for Game Freaks 365 and GameRant.

“I’m a game writer and narrative designer with experience in both linear and non-linear storytelling in video games. While I enjoy crafting engaging characters and dialogue, I’m most interested in the opportunity games afford to blend narrative with mechanics in order to create innovative stories.”

Andrew McKissock

McKissock is a University of Strathclyde graduate with a Masters in Creative Writing and is currently looking for freelance or permanent narrative design work.

You can contact Andrew McKissock by Twitter, Instagram or via email.

Donna McAvoy (2D Animator and Motion Designer)

Donna McAvoy, 2D Animator and Motion Designer, specialises in, Character animation, Animated logos, Motion graphics, Explainer videos, E-learning videos and Social content. Working in television, web production and, of course, video games, Dona can work on a range of projects.

Dona’s Show Reel 2019

Donna is always open to working with new people and can be contacted through email and can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Linked In.

Fraser Maitland (Composer)

An experienced composer, working in film, tv and video games, Fraser Maitland has worked on a variety of different projects. A former student of James MacMillan at the Royal Conservatoire, Fraser’s music combines his classical training with elements of electronics, rhythmic percussion and instrumentation.

Maitland has worked with a number of clients, including, the BBC and PBS. His work has seen prim-time coverage in the UK, US, Europe and Asia. Examples of his recent work includes Earth’s Natural Wonders and City in the Sky.

You can find Fraser’s work on his Sound Cloud page and can contact him via email.

Matthew Cormack (Programmer)

Matthew Cormack, previously of Preview Labs, is an independent game developer and freelance programmer. His love of combining physical and digital media, as well as his interest of new and unique technology has led to some of his creations in Garry’s Mod. With 65 individual projects on his website, dating back to 2007, Matthew has developed for everything from the Gameboy Advance to HTML 5 and Unity.

On Matthew’s website you can stay up to date with his current projects in his blog section as well as scroll through his back catalogue.

Cormack can be found on Twitter, Linked In, GitHub and can be contacted via email.

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