The Silent Tombs – Kickstarter Now Live

The Silent Tombs – Kickstarter Now Live

Primordial Games first project, The Silent Tombs is live on Kickstarter. For any aspiring archaeologists, fans for Gaelic, Celtic, and Anglo Saxon culture this could be the game for you.

Set in a range of tombs scattered around the British Isles, you’ll find yourself exploring these labyrinthine caverns while hunting for ancient artefacts and long forgotten treasures. You’ll decide what to do with the items you find in the depths after researching them to unlock not only new places to explore but also the secrets of tomb you were just in. After that you can keep them in the virtual museum or take them to auction and plunge back into the tombs. However, you may not be the only thing down there so watch your back.

Unlike Lara’s limitless pistols, all you’ll have with you in the tombs of these ancient civilisations is your decibel meter. This will track the sound in every area you find yourself in, every interaction you have and every step you take. Beware, make too much noise and the fog may just start to close in, making the winding tombs feel much more claustrophobic.

As you puzzle your way through the titular Silent Tombs you may find yourself marvelling at the game’s in-depth sound design. The game employs binaural ambience pinpointing location-based SFX, and a multi-layered soundtrack that responds to the player’s movements, to drop you directly into the mysterious locations you explore.

Each tomb will be procedurally generated. This means that the mystery of what’s behind every corner is unique to your game. No other player will have the same tomb as you. Every time you venture into another winding maze of ancient passages you’ll be in truly uncharted territory and discovering its secrets for yourself.

Even the stories of the ancient civilisations are unique to each playthrough, making spoilers impossible. This makes every Silent Tomb completely unique.

Primordial Games are aiming for historical accuracy with this project. They have planned to visit various historical sites across the British isles to best portray the ancient cultures and civilisations depicted in the game.

Supporting this game can cost as little as £2 with pledge bonuses ranging all the way up to £1500. To get your hands on a digital copy of The Silent Tombs with the added bonus of being added to the game’s Premium Discord you’ll have to pledge £10.

The Kickstarter goal is to raise £60,000 by 3rd Febuary. If Successful The Silent Tombs is set for a December 2021 release date.

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