OUT NOW: Ascendent By Somewhat Unsettling

OUT NOW: Ascendent By Somewhat Unsettling

Somewhat Unsettling is an excellently named new games micro-studio in Scotland. During some recent downtime in the studio’s contract work, they made a short game exploring togetherness.

They called it Ascendent.

As the company, somewhat unsettlingly, told us:

Ascendant invites you to explore a procedurally generated constellation of stars, each of which are other people’s thoughts. It’s the company’s first self-published project – a short, experimental experience about fostering human connection and sharing positivity.

Players freely explore a procedurally generated universe of stars – each containing a unique message left by a previous player. Once the player reaches the end, they are prompted to leave a message of their own for future players – whether that be a memory, piece of advice, or a moment that was special to them. Every journey is unique, and mapped as a constellation in the stars.

Somewhat Unsettling are very certain that they would love you to take a moment for yourself to explore their star system and see if you can find oneness, being, or enlightenment.

Somewhat Unsettling is based in Edinburgh and was founded in September 2019 by Alexander Tarvet and Andrew Lindsay. 

As well as Ascendent, The studio is also currently developing Perfect Paints for QSE Ltd. – a virtual paint factory designed for internal auditor training for ISO Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety business management standards.

You can find out more about the company, the team and its games on the Somewhat Unsettling website, which thankfully is not somewhat unsettling.

You can also find the on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and their Instagram account (which is, thank heavens, somewhat unsettling).

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