Games Jobs LIVE: The Next Generation

Games Jobs LIVE: The Next Generation

Most of the people reading this article will already know that making videogames for a living can be awesome. However, there are a LOT of people out there, who may not yet think that a career in the games industry is even a possibility.

Games Jobs LIVE is planning to change that. The next event in the increasingly epic online career-em-up is aimed at young people, especially those around 16-18 who are wondering what to do with their future.

If you need convincing, then maybe finding out that the global videogames market is a $159 billion industry, with 2.7 billion people games – and those numbers are still growing.

It is one of the few industries to see growth as a result of Covid-19; nearly 50,000 people now work in the UK’s games industry, with constant demand for talented people.

Lots of folks think that there are two roles in videogames – programmers and artists. While those are both important roles, there are so many more opportunities out there, for a huge range of people, covering almost every type of role you can think of…

Alongside the technical and artistic roles, the games industry needs designers, writers, musicians, testers (QA or quality assurance is an amazing way to get into other roles), producers, marketers, managers, community managers, social media experts, data analysts and much, MUCH more…

“How to get into the games industry” is a FREE 90-minute livestreamed event on Tuesday November 17 at 16:30, featuring acclaimed creators, developers, and industry experts, giving their advice and taking questions about first steps towards getting into the games industry.

Companies presenting include Mediatonic (Fall Guys), Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed), Epic (Fortnite) Rocksteady (Batman: Arkham titles), 4J Studios (Minecraft), TT Games (Lego Star Wars), and Sony PlayStation’s former Director of Strategic Content, Shahid Ahmad.

Abertay UniversityEscape Studios and Wrexham Glyndwr University will also talk about the games courses they offer, and be available online for the event duration to answer any questions.

While the Games Jobs LIVE session is aimed at young people, anyone with an interest in joining the games industry is welcome to sign up and join in.

The whole event will take place online, so wherever you are, whatever device you have, you can take part.

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