Date of the Dead – Kickstarter LIVE

Date of the Dead – Kickstarter LIVE

Date of the Dead, the quirky LGBTQ-friendly, paranormal dating sim that invites you to romance a selection of irresistible ghouls, ghosts and monsters has just launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campign.

The game is a one-woman project (take a bow Katriona Gillon), and is reliant on your funding, to make this demo a fully realised game. So take a look at the rewards, play the demo and become a part of Date of the Dead history!

The game is already heading towards £2,000 of funding, so there’s a lot of love already out there for the project.

If you missed our previous coverage, Date of the Dead is a visual novel, driven by rich story and character development, which utilities simple point-and-click mechanics. DOTD contains unique illustrations, compelling dialogue and many impressive features, including:

  • Custom Pronouns – Customise your name and pronouns to best suit you. And don’t worry – you don’t need to play as a non-preferred gender to date the monster of your dreams. ALL romance options are available, no matter how you identify. No soft-locked routes here!
  • A New World to Explore – You made it to the underworld – now it’s time to explore! Navigate the land of the undead within the captivating town of Purgatory. Unravel the hamlet’s mysteries – how did it get here? Why was it built? Meet your favourite monsters in the library, bar or park. Take a stroll through the eerie woods that seem to stretch far beyond the settlement’s boundaries (maybe forever). And finally, admire the growing collection of gravestones in the town’s cemetery – and perhaps contribute your own…
  • Random Encounters – It’s not all about you, you know – Date of the Dead’s characters have their own lives to attend to! Er, un-lives that is. And while you play, you might just run in to one or two of them. Settle arguments, weigh in on discussions, make jokes, and test your knowledge of the DOTD character’s personalities. These interactions could help strengthen your relationships – or destroy them. 
  • A Monster Party – Liven up the dead with a party that will haunt you for the rest of your life! Chat, dance and drink the night away with your favourite monsters. Get dressed up in your finest threads and keep your eyes peeled for each character’s unique party outfit. Will you bore the guests to death, or be the life of this undead party?
  • The Date – When the moon is full, and your time in the underworld is nearly at an end, be prepared for a night of terror – a date with your very own monstrous beau. Will your efforts have been enough? Do you truly understand your undead crush? And will they reciprocate your affection? You had better hope so, because a bad date in the underworld is no laughing matter…
Date of the Dead. Kickstarter. 1K Raised.

Pledges start at a mere £1, which will help you support a new, indepdent creator, through small increments of increasing awesomeness, up to a cool £1000, which will let you co-create an NPC, feature on your own in-game gravestone and bag you a life size dakimakura pillow with the game character of your choice to… snuggle.

Katie has created a beautiful, funny and fascinating new twist on the afterlife with DOTD and taking the promise shown in the demo through to a complete game, seems like an entirely wonderful idea.

The crowdfunding campaign runs until December 10. If you value the opportunity for games to move beyond the mainstream and want to help a truly independent creator do something new and fabulous, please consider contributing. Even a quid would help.

You can see Katie talking about the game, the crowdfunding campaign and more on episode 18 of Working on a Dime over on YouTube:

Good luck Katie. The SGN is behind you (and we really want to play the finished game…)

Go fund Katie. Please.

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