Event: Videogames Tax Relief

Event: Videogames Tax Relief

On November 5 at 14:00 (so pre-fireworks), RSM UK is hosting a a virtual roundtable discussion on Videogames Tax Relief (VGTR).

While the issue of tax relief can seem dull, just for the people in suits, or something that no self respecting game developer needs to know about, you’re wrong. There’s a reason the games industry bodies fought so long and hard to get the system in place and it’s made the difference to a huge number of games and studios. Games which would have run at a loss have broken even and studios which were struggling, have been able to access much needed funds.

RSM is a tax expert which has helped many companies take advantage of the tax breaks available. In fact the company has been updating the advice for games companies, for TIGA, to ensure the best advice is available.

RSM told the Scottish Games Network:

Although [VGTR] has been around now for a while, we still find companies who are either unaware of this benefit, or are not claiming as much as they could be doing, or have fallen foul (or are at risk of falling foul) of any number of pitfalls.

The November 5 session will cover:

  • a brief overview of the benefit and mechanics
  • opportunities and pitfalls
  • the future of this relief, with specific reference to Brexit and Covid-19

The session will will focus on the practical element, relating specifically to opportunities to maximising the benefit whilst ensuring claims are as robust as possible. 

The session will feature experts in all aspects of Videogames Tax Relief and participants will be able to discuss specifics, and ask questions.

Sign Up – Free

If you would like to join the session please contact lianne.street@rsmuk.com, who will send you joining instructions.

In the meantime, if you want to red up before the session, or see the official guidelines from the government, you can check them here. The BFI (which administers VGTR) also has a great breakdown of how the system works.

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

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