Coming Soon: Lair of the Clockwork God

Coming Soon: Lair of the Clockwork God

Lair of the Clockwork God, the latest game from the BAFTA award-winning studio, Size Five Games, is heading to consoles, courtesy of Ant Workshop.

With a whopping 99.4% positive user score on Steam and currently ranked as the 16th Best Video Game in 2020 on Metacritic, Lair of the Clockwork God sees Dan and Ben, two lifelong friends setting off on a journey to save the world from multiple apocalypses (apocoli?) occurring at once.

The game is ‘two games in one’ featuring classic point-and-click style puzzles with adventure-based platforming. Solving point-and-click puzzles as Ben provides items which can be crafted together to create items for Dan and vice-versa, which enables further exploration of the world.

Dan Marshall, the director at Size Five Games, told SGN:

I am hugely excited to see Lair of the Clockwork God make its way to Switch, Xbox and PS4. The game’s overwhelmingly positive reception on Steam has been the fire in my belly all year, and I’m extremely excited to bring the game to other formats, and spread the joy to as many people as possible.

The game’s being brought to console by Edinburgh-based Ant Workshop, the creator of the indie hit Dead End Job, as well as a growing number of console ports, including Bithell Games’ John Wick Hex.

Tony Gowland, the founder and head of Ant Workshop, said:

After bringing indie smash-hits The Swindle and Behold the Kickmen to Nintendo Switch, we were very familiar with Dan’s code. But we agreed to port Clockwork God anyway, It’s great to be able to help bring one of the highest rated indie games of 2020 to a wider audience.

Lair of the Clockwork God launches on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on September 4th, with PlayStation 4 later in 2020. A 15% discount is available when pre-ordering on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch from August 21st until September 4th.

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