Learn More About the Chinese Games Market

Learn More About the Chinese Games Market

UKIE has organised a series of free virtual events inconjunction with DIT and CBBC, to provide up-to-date insight into the Chinese games market and connect UK games businesses with potential Chinese partners.

Over the past seven years UKIE has supported a range of activities focused on the Chinese market, including visits to China Joy, inbound trade missions to the UK, webinars, investment dinners and 1-2-1 introductions.

The result of this work has been an increased understanding of the Asian games market and a good number of commercial deals have been completed.

China remains an enormous, if sometimes little understood opportunity for UK games companies and UKIE continues to help maximise them. Given the current barriers to visiting China the organisation has organised four virtual events, each with a different focus:

Familiarisation and latest trends in the Chinese market

Tuesday 11 August (09:00) 60 minutes

A zoom webinar featuring talks from leading Chinese games business on the latest trends and market developments. Speakers include Taptap, Cheetah, NewbornTown and Byte Dance / Tik Tok.

Register here.

Familiarisation with UK market

Wednesday 12 August (09:00) 60 minutes

A webinar for Chinese companies to hear about the UK market and how to establish an office in the UK.

Matchmaking UK studios to Chinese publishers

Tuesday 18 August (08:30) 2.5 hours

1-2-1 match made meetings between UK studios and Chinese publishers. Aimed at UK companies looking to get games distributed and published in China.

Register here.

Matchmaking Chinese studios to UK publishers

Wednesday 19 August (08:30) 2.5 hours

1-2-1 match made meetings for UK publishers to meet Chinese developers looking to sell their games in the West.

Register here.

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