Freelance Friday

Freelance Friday

Like many of the creative and digital industries, the games sector has a wide range of people offering services on a freelance basis.

From game design, to translation, to marketing, to business services like accountancy or HR, the chances are there’s someone out there who can do the bits you need help with, or just don’t want to do.

We relaunched our Freelance director a few weeks back, specifically to help our freelance friends find the work they need during the whole pandemic/global apocalypse thing.

We’re going to mention a few of our awesome independents, each and every Freelance Friday, just to make sure you guys remember they’re there…

Remember: The freelance directory is open to ALL freelance people, who work within, or support companies in the videogames and interactive industries.

If YOU want to be listed in the directory, let us know. More to come next Freelance Friday.


Luci Holland

An experienced and versatile composer, sound artist, and broadcaster based in Edinburgh, creating bespoke and interactive audio for games, film, concert as well as real-life sound installations. 

Luci has worked on a range of projects, productions and apps such as composing the dynamic custom soundtrack for Blazing Griffin’s Murderous Pursuits, and arranging game music such as Pattern: An Homage to Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture with Materia Collective; and also presents a weekly UK radio show celebrating video game music with The Console on Scala Radio.

Online | Audio Reel | Visual Reel | LinkedIn | Twitter


Donna MacAvoy


I’m a 2D animator and motion designer – I create content for games, TV shows and the web including:

Character animation – Illustration – Motion graphics

Games & Apps – Explainer videos – Social content

I’m always open to working with new collaborators and clients – if you have a project you’d like some help on, have any questions about my work, or just want to say hi, feel free to get in touch!

Online | Email | Instagram

Graphic / Web Design

AJF Web Design

Interactive media and graphic design services including website design and development, business branding and logo design, graphic design for screen and print, 2D illustration, social media management and more.

Online | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Writing / Narrative Design

Iain Lowson

Writer in the games industry for about 14 years now. Worked in everything from AAA to indy, and quite a few places in between. Clients include Blazing Griffin, Midway Studios (Newcastle), Square Enix, Studio Gobo, Relentless, Natural Motion, BlueByte/Ubisoft.

I also write and direct films, and have written official Star Wars material for about 25 years. My LinkedIn profile (yeah, I know) is kept up to date. Even if I am listed as currently working for someone else, do feel free to reach out.

LinkedIn | Twitter| Email

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