Proper QA At An Hourly Rate

Proper QA At An Hourly Rate

To help companies who are finding the disruption of Covid-19 difficult, Proper QA is now offering its complete range of services on an hourly basis.

As games businesses, teams and developers settle into the reality of remote working, a growing number are realising they need an extra pair of eyes to test software and ensure it works the way it needs to.

Nick Barrett, the founder of Proper QA, said:

“More and more clients are looking for flexibility and agility from a testing partner – as well as experience, expertise and understanding.

Proper QA can now offer testing and consultancy on an hourly basis, giving every developer the opportunity to access professional quality assurance.”

The company’s new rates are:

  • Testing – £26.00 per hour
  • Consultancy – £36.00 per hour

There is no minimum time requirement. All clients will benefit from Proper QA’s team of experienced testers and comprehensive collection of consoles, PCs, hardware and handheld devices.

Proper QA also offers consultancy to companies and developers who have not used testing in the past, or are wondering how best to implement quality assurance for projects.

Nick told the Scottish Games Network:

“Proper QA has always tried to offer the simplest and most flexible service to every client, whether they needed a single day’s support, or help to build an entire team.

What we’re hearing from everyone, is that the current disruption makes planning and management more complex, so we are responding by making our service as accessible and affordable as we can.”

To find out more, or to arrange testing, contact Nick directly:


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