RPGLite: Roleplay Research Required

RPGLite: Roleplay Research Required

RPGLite is looking for players – in the name of academic research. The game has been created by PhD students at Glasgow University, to help gather data into the way people play and learn games.

Promising simple, ad-free and compelling gaming, RPGLite is available for iOS and Android phones, directly from the app stores.

The final dataset will be made freely available, to help other developers address the same issues and understand more about player behaviour.

William Kavanagh, one of the creators of the project, told SGN:

“The aim of the project is to generate a substantial freely-available dataset. We want to use the data to investigate game balancing, metagame development and player behaviour. The game was built to be simple enough that we could use formal verification to model every possible move — for every move made we can say if it was correct, and if not we can quantify how much of a mistake it was.
We want to see if players organically learn to play optimally, amongst other research questions. Our earlier work on a smaller version of the game is soon to be published in IEEE: Transactions on Games.”
If you have some spare time – and who doesn’t right now – then head over the App Stores and give RPGLite a try.

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