Super Arc Light – Greenlight Campaign

Super Arc Light – Greenlight Campaign

Steam GreenlightFollowing the game’s fabulous reception on mobile, No Code, the developer behind Super Arc Light, has started a Steam Greenlight campaign to bring the game to PC.

The new version promises the same promising, stylish action-packed gameplay to the highly respectable and more traditional gaming platform. The company promises that it’s even considering a few additional extras for the PC version, though there’s no word on whether this will be full VR support or extended 4K quality cut-scenese featuring cult actors.

You can help NoCode bring Super Arc Light to a whole new audience by visiting the game’s Steam page and voting ‘YES – I would play this game on Steam’.

12466021_862953753802762_4417110640328309900_oIt is our moral imperative to help the bold and noble Scottish development community achieve its full potential and ensure that players worldwide can benefit from the fruits of our labour and creativity, to blow stuff up in ever more inventive ways.

You know what to do.

Vote now. Vote smart. The alternative is too appalling to contemplate…

Reminder: you can also go play the game on iOS and Android if it will help you do the right thing.

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