OUT NOW – Super Arc Light

OUT NOW – Super Arc Light

safe_image.phpAll 4 Games, Channel 4’s mobile publisher today released Super Arc Light, the first title from new Scottish studio No Code.

The game is a stylish radial arcade shooter, which means players must spin around a central axis and blast incoming enemies into tiny shards of glowing particles. This is, of course, not nearly as simple as it sounds.

Players control a tiny ship (planetoid? particle?) circling a black hole in the centre of the screen. Wicked pointy arrow type enemies circle the black hole getting closer… CLOSER. To fire, players must tap – or better yet – tap and hold the screen. However this causes the player’s ship to slow down to a crawl. When the screen is released, the direction of the ship reverses (clockwise to anticlockwise – or vice versa). The trick to start firing, just as the player’s ship is in line with the incoming enemy. Or a little ahead so they move into the line of fire.

12829207_890523271045810_6571527905583360613_oIt’s complicated to write, but far simpler to grasp when playing. Super Arc Light is indeed stylish. It offers simple minimalist vector-style artwork, with a few colours coming in as enemy ships or powered up weapons.

Think Super Hexagon meets Asteroid and you’re not 12 parsecs away.

Super Arc Light is OUT NOW for iOS and Android devices for a bargain price of $0.99/£0.79. You should buy it.

12466021_862953753802762_4417110640328309900_oWe’ll be speaking to No Code at some point in the near future to find out more about the studio and its plans. In the meantime you can follow the company on Twitter and find out more about the game on Facebook. Or visit the company’s website (or Facebook) for all the latest news and updates.

Super Arc Light (iOS) – $0.99/£0.79

Super Arc Light (Android) – $0.99/£0.79

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