084 - BRUTAL Stormcloud - WebBRUT@L is the latest project from Dundee’s Stormcloud Games. Based on classic dungeon crawlers and Rogue-likes such as Nethack and, well, Rogue (and Angband…) BRUT@L takes the old school ASCII aesthetic and transforms it, Tron-like for a new generation of gamers.

You can see the launch trailer here:

Stormcloud is promising BRUT@L will come to the PlayStation 4, PC, Mac and Linux. The game is now listed on Steam’s Greenlight programme and needs YOUR votes to help bring the game to life.

You can find the BRUT@L page here. Please help the team at Stormcloud by taking two minutes to vote for the game. Go on. Vote.

Look, the company has just released a new video with details of the weapons crafting system in the game. It looks pretty awesome…

If you’re not familiar with old-school roguelike games, then we highly recommend you take 3-5 years to go and give some of them a quick try (start with and then come back to finish this article…

Done? Good. Now go and vote (again if needs be).

This looks pretty damn good to us. If BRUT@L’s combination of old-school aesthetic combines with the sort of hard core game play and in-depth  mechanics which is found in the classic rogue-like games, then this is a title that every @ and his (or her) d should be queuing up for.

You hear some noises in the distance… It’s everyone in Scotland’s games industry voting for BRUT@L.

Go vote again. Or face the wrath of a mighty D.


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