Outplay’s Mystery Match Comes To Kelvingrove

Outplay’s Mystery Match Comes To Kelvingrove

mystery matchOutplay’s globe-trotting match 3 puzzle game, Mystery Match, has arrived in Glasgow with players now invited to take part in the spectacular setting of the Kelvingrove Museum and Gallery.

This is the first time Mystery Match update has visited a real world venue. It showcases Kelvingrove in front of a global audience, potentially increasing visitors from around the world to visit Scotland.

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum update introduces 20 new levels to master, bringing the game’s total to 385 levels to complete. The game also introduces a brand new board piece; the Scarab, which allow players to uncover the forgotten mysteries locked away inside the exhibits of the museum’s halls.

Mystery Match focuses on the efforts of amateur sleuths Emma and Julian’s attempts to retrieve scattered documents left behind by cryptic inventor, Alexander Knight, whose deadly invention would be apocalyptic if it fell into the wrong hands. The documents hidden within Kelvingrove may contain the clues needed to disable the weapon and save the world

Richard Hare, the president of Outplay said:

We wanted to bring the adventure home to Scotland and the magnificent Kelvingrove was the perfect location for the next chapter in the Mystery Match story. With over 2.5 million players worldwide since launch, the latest Mystery Match update aims to promote Scottish heritage and this historic landmark.

The game is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and Facebook.

Get it here.

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