ChilliWorks launch ‘ChilliConnect’ Back-end Service

ChilliWorks launch ‘ChilliConnect’ Back-end Service

ChilliWorks has announce the global Beta launch of ChilliConnect, the next product in the ChilliWorks technology suite. ChilliConnect is a ready to use, back-end service which can be quickly and easily integrated into your game to enable connected and social features.

ChilliConnect combines cloud based backend technology and a powerful analytics platform to provide developers with everything they need to successfully run a live game within a single platform. The Beta release includes user management, analytics, leaderboards and custom event tracking.

The ChilliConnect roadmap will continue to ramp up as the team focus on adding exciting new features and support for a wider number of game engines and technology platforms.

The company have successfully deployed a number of live ChilliConnect powered games with globally recognised publishers such as Activision, Tag Games, Mind Candy and 505 Games.

ChilliConnect is the second product in the ChilliWorks suite. The first offering, ChilliSource, is a free open source cross platform mobile games engine released in January 2015.

Sign up to the ChilliConnect Beta and share your experience with the team!

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