Remembering Stew Hogarth

Remembering Stew Hogarth

002 - Stew Hogarth - SinclairTomorrow the public memorial service takes place for our late friend, colleague and all round awesome guy, Stew Hogarth.

You are invited to join a celebration of his life at 13:15 on Wednesday 23∫rdSeptember at St. Columba’s Roman Catholic Church (Derwent Avenue, Dundee, DD3 0BE). This will be followed by a reception at the Invercarse Hotel.

Please make it if you can. Stew was a friend and inspiration to many in the games industry worldwide, not just in Dundee, Scotland or the UK.

His family have requested that any donations in Stew’s name be made to The Freeman Heart & Lung Transplant Association (Registered Charity 1157894) during the memorial service, or online via JustGiving; in recognition for all the help and hope they have given Stew over the last few years. As of writing, the campaign has already raised over £2,000 to support transplant patients in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

You can read the moving and heartfelt tribute to Stew on the IGDA Scotland website.

In case you’re wondering, the image above was Stew’s contribution when I first asked for submissions for the SGN banner space. It was, as you’d expect, one of the first banners to be received, geeky, retro and entirely awesome. Because this was Stew he also sent the equally geeky, retro and awesome Commodore 64 banner below.

002 - Stew Hogarth - Commodore

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