EIFF What Film Can Learn From Games

EIFF What Film Can Learn From Games

EIFF-logo-reverse-rgb-540x362Good news everybody! The Scottish Games Network, in partnership with the Edinburgh International Film Festival present two events focused on the crossover between film and games and what can be learned from working across both.

The idea is to explore the ways in which games and interactive media are growing and evolving and the ways in which the games sector can help the film industry grow and evolve alongside.

The events take place as part of the EIFF industry programme. Festival delegates get in free, but the games sessions are also open to anyone else who’d like to come along. It’s FREE to attend and if that’s not quite enough, the BFI team will be around that afternoon, for questions on tax credits for games.

Panel - gis 2013There are two sessions:

What Film Can Learn From Games – Why making a film is no longer enough?

14:30 – 16:00

Traverse Theatre 1 – EIFF Delegate Centre

Access: EIFF Passholders

For every artist and creator, the reality is that content is no longer scarce. Now film makers, developers, musicians, writers and artists must be the producer, the marketer, the distributor, the promoter, the fan, the social media expert, the PR, the accountant. They have to understand how technology is there to help. In a world where there is a constant war for attention and fans are pulled between films and TV and online streaming, video games, apps, social networks etc, what must directors, developers, producers, artists and even screenwriters do to make sure their film/game/book isn’t utterly ignored in a global market where we only ever have time for excellence?

Games have been there. Literature too. And music. Film’s playing catch up and needs to know far more about how the markets are evolving.

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What Film Can Learn From Games – To Infinity and Beyond

16:30 – 18:00

Traverse Theatre 1 – EIFF Delegate Centre

Access: EIFF Passholders

An exploration of the boundaries of transmedia, from some of the biggest creators in the world. Forget Halo or GTA, the most innovative ways of telling stories bring film and games into the real world in huge alternate reality games, which can involve tens of thousands of people. Meet some of the best people who have worked on film and games projects – and are now pushing the boundaries back even further.

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Turing Festival - Friday Panel 03We’ll be announcing the panelists taking part in the panels later this week. It promises to be an illuminating afternoon, which pulls in film makers and delegates from the world’s oldest continuously running film festival. Forget the licensing deals which brought the world films like Street Fighter, Doom or Tomb Raider. Or indeed the games based upon Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings or James Bond. This is an opportunity for the games and film sectors to meet and learn and network and ensure we all know far more about the way the screen industries are becoming closer.

The EIFF industry programme is supported by Creative Skillset, who are excellent in all things.

We’ll see you there…

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