OUT NOW – Block Racer – New From AppyAppster

OUT NOW – Block Racer – New From AppyAppster

Block Racer is a brand new defiantly lo-fi and retro racing game for iOS. Created by the new AppyAppster team, Block Racer takes one button racing to a new level.

Starting at the top of the screen, players have to negotiate increasingly challenging single screen tracks, in which spikes, pitfalls, guns, drips and other hazards start to pile up in incredibly unsafe ways, making progress to the finish line at the bottom.

screen322x572Bonus are award for speed, while touching any of the trips leads to instant and humiliating death. Three lives are all you get – though you can watch a reward video to open up additional chances.

AppyAppster’s founders and developers, John and Claire told us:

Our first game Block Racer, is not the typical clone of the endless runner type Games, instead it is  inspired by and Arcade Classic Stunt Cycle with bit of Manic Miner level design thrown in for good measure.  Block Racer is in the vertical arcade game, where you’re basically a vehicle made up of simple  blocks. It’s all fast paced and the aim of the game is to reach the end of each level, avoiding various  obstacles before the timer runs out.

screen322x573AppyAppster is promising that Block Racer will be the first in a series of many small and addictive mobile games to be delivered over the rest of the year.

In the meantime, Block Racer is OUT NOW for your favourite iOS device. It’s FREE but you can buy additional lives (10 x lives for a mere £0.79).

Get it now for your all your top-speed-side-on-blocky-retro-2D-stunt-racing fun.

Block Racer (iOS) – FREE

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