OUT NOW – Let’s Go Rocket

OUT NOW – Let’s Go Rocket

Cobra Mobile is perhaps best known for the studio’s popular iBomber series, which encompasses two top down destruct-em-up bombing games (iBomber 1 & 2), a twin-stick blast-em-up (Attack) and a couple of truly excellent tower defence (em-up) games (Defense & Defense Pacific).

CobraMobile-logoFor its latest release Cobra has abandoned the war-torn battlefields of WWII and has instead created an infinity-and-beyond-em-up, with Let’s Go Rocket.

It’s a one-button endless zoomer in which players take control of a spaceship and must navigate to the furthest reaches of the universe, avoiding the perils, pitfalls and staggering amount of space junk which litters the inky black depths.

Holding the button causes your ship to accelerate towards the top of the screen, releasing it allows your ship to gently descend towards the bottom of the screen. Between you and your goal are the remains of planets, space rubble, gigantic space stalactites and the random alien life form.

letsgorocket-social-ready-bannerAvoid the junk, fly as far as you can and collect shiny space gems. Your gems can be converted into new and excitingly different rockets (and universes).

Let’s Go Rocket is free to play. You can unlock new graphical styles for a small micropayment and every few turns you get a chance to try the new graphics, or participate in a gem bonanza (where the universe itself sparkles with the light of a thousand diamonds). There are even reward videos on offer which allow players to collect more gems, unlock new styles and explore new galaxies.

letsgorocket-gamescreen3Let’s Go Rocket is OUT NOW for iOS devices. It’s already picking up a lot of love, with a score of four and a half stars on the App Store, over 600 reviews and has been featured by Apple.

If you’re a fan of Crossy Road, space, exploring strange new worlds, xenopolitics, the galaxy, new advances in warp drive technology, fun or games, then it’s well worth your while checking out.

letsgorocket-gamescreen1Let’s Go Rocket (iOS) – FREE

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