Game In Scotland 2015 – The Next Generation

Game In Scotland 2015 – The Next Generation

game in scotlandIt’s all change for Game In Scotland, the country’s home-grown recruitment event focused on the gaming sector.

Created originally as a graduate recruitment event, the event has been funded to date by the team at Scottish Enterprise. Now however, the role of Game In Scotland and the opportunities for the sector have changed hugely.

Scottish Enterprise are stepping back from the event and asking the industry if – and how – they want Game In Scotland to continue.

This means the opportunity is now there to redesign and rebuild Game In Scotland from the ground up and make it more relevant and responsive to the Scottish games sector.

romana ramzan - gis 2013We can expand the scope of the event, change the focus, introduce new elements, change the duration, the location and the date(s).

We believe there’s a huge opportunity here for the industry as a whole. Game In Scotland can still be a recruitment focused event – if the studios and companies out there believe that has value.

We can make it more of a showcase. We can invite publishers or the media. We can move it around the country. The future is in our hands.

david hamilton - gis 2013To take this forward however, this has to be a collaborative and cooperative project. We need the companies there. We need the universities. We need to ensure Game In Scotland is relevant to us all.

The Scottish Games Network put together the programme for GIS over the last couple of years and we pushed through several changes to the programme, the types of companies who came along and the structure of the event as a whole. Those were basic first steps. We can do a whole lot more.

Panel - gis 2013We’d like to kick things off by suggesting a date of April 25th 2015. In terms of location, it would make sense to use one of the four excellent universities which offer games courses (Abertay, we’re looking at you…)

Apart from that, what would YOU like Game In Scotland to be? Who would you like to come along and speak? And even more importantly, who’s willing to help?

Discussion, debate and decisions are all now open. Use the comments here, the SGN Facebook group, the Game In Scotland Facebook group or Twitter (#GIS2015) and we’ll crowd source an entirely new and awesome games event.

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