OUT NOW – Sky Patrol For iOS

OUT NOW – Sky Patrol For iOS

Beartrap Games’ arcade action aircraft shoot-em-up Sky Patrol has hit the Apple App store, bringing a new twist to the classic vertical scrolling blaster.

Featuring more weapons than an American airbase, more boss battles than life in a particularly fractious corporation and more levels than a really weird Christopher Nolan film, Sky Patrol brings good old-fashioned destruction to iPhone and iPad players everywhere.

The game has already received nominations at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show and TIGA Awards. Player must protect their convoy of precious things and stop the evil enemy from expending ammunition in its direction, nurturing and nursing the vital vehicles through a landscape of increasing peril and pressure. to safety and a well deserved cup of tea and medal.

sky_patrol_screen3Grant Alexander, Beartrap’s Commercial Director told us:

This is our studio’s first major release and we’ve really appreciated all the amazing feedback, support and recognition received – including the award nominations at the Tokyo Game Show and TIGA Awards in 2014! Sky Patrol is setting the quality benchmark that both gamers and our business partners can reliably expect from our studio. We are certainly excited about what 2015 has in store for both our studio and the planned series of Patrol games! Watch this space!

Players and pilots can find Sky Patrol OUT NOW on the Apple App Store.

Sky Patrol (iOS) – $1.99/£1.49

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